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When time slows down while waiting for you food to heat in the microwave. Known side effects are increased hunger, slowing of all the clocks in your house and walking around aimlessly trying to kill time. The microwave minute has the ability to slow time turning one minute into what feels lime an hour.
Kus(9:00 pm): dude when are you gunna get here??
Ryan(9:00 pm): I'll be there in a microwave minute.

Kus(9:00 pm): aight g. Ill see you at 10:00!
by x addict3d x June 26, 2010
When you are playing Modern Warfare 2 with a party on a Thursday night and everyone competes to see who can get the most throwing knife (TK) kills. Whoever gets the most TKs that game wins. By the end of the night whoever won the most games is the TK Champion.
Mike: hey ryan! Guess what?!?!
Ryan: what????
Mike: today is Throwing knife thursday (TKT)!!
Ryan: oh yeah! Lets go p00n some n00bs with our awsome throwing knife skills
Mike: yeah, w00t!
by x addict3d x June 17, 2010
Literally Laugh Out Load. It's used when you are texting or on facebook/myspace and you want to show someone that you actually did laugh out loud. To make it simple, llol is a stronger version of lol.
Ryan: Wanna hear a joke?
Andrew: Sure.
Ryan: Two cannibals were eating a clown. What did one cannibal say to the other?
Andrew: What?
Ryan: Does this taste funny to you?
Andrew: llol
by x addict3d x August 10, 2010
Cumming in 10 seconds or less
Hey how long did it take you to park the car? About a rob minute.
by x addict3d x January 20, 2016
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