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2 definitions by wzk

A person who uses an excessive variety of font styles in a document or web page, including bold, italics, pitch, faces, and color. They usually think it adds interest and variety to the page or document; most readers typically find it distracting and "busy".
That web page really hurt my eyes; the font whore who designed it really went too far.
by wzk February 26, 2006
16 4
A bar stunt in which the participant dips his/her index finger into a shotglass of liqueur (typically Rumpelmintz), allows another person to light the soaked finger on fire, and then holds the flaming digit aloft while quickly downing the shot. It's imperative to place one's finger in one's mouth and liberally coat it with saliva before dipping it in the liqueur to avoid burns.
Suzy regaled her friends at her birthday celebration by demonstrating the Statue of Liberty throughout the night.
by WZK August 18, 2007
48 67