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an upsized poo that is simply too large to be expelled without grunting, clenching, and the bursting of facial blood vessels.
"dropping a grunter" is the act of producing one of these intimidating steamers.
"where the fuck is stu, i'm thinking of stealing his weed"
"he's in the bathroom dropping a grunter, i can hear him struggling with it from here. yeah pack me a cone too, he's still grunting away... we'll have enough time."
"rad... LOVE the grunter"
by www.soup.now.nu April 04, 2003
i made this one up, and i like it.
a vanilla mouthwash is a big hot load of cum, delivered into the recipients mouth with the expectation that they gargle on it. bonus points for not gagging.
"gary said that we had to leave the bar urgently, so we walked into a nearby park. next thing i knew, he sprung a nasty big vanilla mouthwash on me."

"girl, if you keep talking dirty to me, i'll have to give you a vanilla mouthwash"

"that girl a hoe - she got 4 different vanilla mouthwashes in one night"
by www.soup.now.nu April 09, 2003

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