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A dangerous intersection where far too many routes converge into a single point, especially common in New England where the routes were established before the automobile. May or may not include a rotary. Can occur on both surface streets and expressways. Partially responsible for doubling car insurance costs. Even more fun when combined with aggressive New England drivers.
I'm sorry I'm late for work again, but I always get stuck in traffic down at Hamptonshire Square, where Quossohachett Ave, Milfordbury St, Glastonshire Rd, Newbury Blvd, and Boston Pike all converge. That intersection is a classic New England Clusterfuck...
by wthrfrk80 February 16, 2011
A modern North American railroad signal with a snow hood that resembles Darth Vader's helmet.
"Those new Darth Vader signals sure are ugly. I'd better get pictures of those old position-light signals before they are replaced with Darth Vaders."
by wthrfrk80 December 31, 2011
Similar to a Pittsburgh left except that multiple vehicle make the attempt. Vehicles will generally keep turning left until the opposing traffic forcibly asserts the right of way in a manner similar to a game of "chicken." Named for a practice common in Shanghai, China and other crowded cities in Asia.
"Wow, look at all those cars and trucks attempting a Shanghai left! I can't believe there aren't more accidents here. The highway department should install green arrows and turning lanes."
by wthrfrk80 May 31, 2012

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