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7 definitions by wrightr333

A person who preaches the glory of god and the righteous nature of religious ideals but actively participates in scandal, financial corruption, bigotry and xenophobia. Therefore indoctrinating a vast array of scum of the earth type attributes.
That Jerry Falwell was a real gospel fucker! He conveyed the same detestable traits as that pompous ass of a politician Cheney...
by wrightr333 March 03, 2009
41 8
Similar in nature to the maneuver known as the Arabian Goggles. It involves taking the testicles and then placing them in the eye sockets of one unsuspecting victim (who's conventionally inebriated to the point of unconsciousness. Usually done where other drunk individuals witness the ordeal. Has been known to involve cameras used to capture the image for humiliation of the fore mentioned victim at a time when he's more cognitively fit to feel demoralized.
Dude 1: "Jimmy drank a fifth of 151 the other night and passed out sitting up in his chair with his shoes and all of his clothes still on"

Dude 2: "Oh no bro, somebody must have messed with him in a devastating way"

Dude 1: "Frankie gave him an egg crate. But I still say he got off easy. It could have been an atomic egg crate"

Dude 2: "True..."
by wrightr333 April 29, 2009
31 7
Term for the millions of shirts, pants, hats, wristbands, helmets etc... that portray the image and/or ideas of President Barack Obama. Considering that his administration is more or less a miracle, this is not entirely bad.
Dude 1: "You should of seen the killing I made the week of the inauguration."

Dude 2: "What were you movin so fast that you never have to work again?"

Dude 2: "Barack-A-Wear by the truckload"
by wrightr333 May 07, 2009
36 15
The same as the egg crate, with a slight alteration. In addition to the testicles being placed over the eye sockets of one unsuspecting, conventionally passed out victim, the head of the penis is set either on the victims lips (if mouth is closed) or lowered down into their mouth (if mouth is open). Cameras still remain a prevalent force.
"Dude, the sisuation was set up perfectly. I was gonna give that moron an egg crate, but he was passed out snoring, head up, and mouth wide open. I had to but the atomic egg crate. It's what Jesus would've done."
by wrightr333 April 29, 2009
31 10
Heavily intoxicated by various substances and illicit chemicals. Predominantly alcohol. Usage of the term typically revolves around South Western Pennsylvania, particularly in Westmoreland County.
I was so cricked that I forgot how to chew dude...
by wrightr333 April 24, 2009
26 11
A silly expression seemingly invented by two languid stoners who had smoked themselves beyond the point of retardation. Usually sung in a non-harmonic fashion by two people that can't sing and probably never should. Quite entertaining if the selected parties are beyond cheeched. Yeah... That's right. It's the face machine.

Later decided that marijuana itself could be the face machine as it gets you faced and it prompts such undeveloped thought patterns if consumed in high enough doses.
Person 1: "Said I'm talkin bout the face machine!!!
Person 2: Face machine! Awww yeah. Talking bout the fuckin face machine.

Wash, rinse, repeat.
by wrightr333 November 19, 2009
12 3
The measure of ones innate pirateness.
That guys yargitude is off of the fucking hook. He should totally be the one responsible for organizing plunderfest next year...
by wrightr333 October 27, 2010
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