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A person who wears small and tight revealing shirts thinking they look ok while the rest of us have to suffer with looking at there fat stomachs all day long!cover up fatty!
holy sonuvabitch look at that stupid fat ass!!!sick!
by wouldnt u like to know January 17, 2004
a very good friend of mine and if u bereading this ure a gronk
hey theres "G"
by wouldnt u like to know October 21, 2003
how the real baltimorons pronounce Baltimore...dont they kno theres a "t" in it??
lets go to Balmore!!
by wouldnt u like to know February 20, 2003
The most annoying fucking people in the world! they first start out as ambercrombie skanks and homos then turn into pot heads! no they have got to go! posers!!!!
look at that damn prep!poser!
by wouldnt u like to know January 17, 2004
A place where theres nowhere to skate and they dont let us skate anywhere else. Theres no skating signs all over the place and they put these stupid skate stoppers on most of the rails on most of the rails!
Everywhere. Just look around the town centre.
by Wouldnt u like to know March 19, 2004

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