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Level of cuntiness, nastiness or cruelty.
At the train station after school ended,the private school yuppie-spawn and his bum-buddies walked up to fellow-student Peter, who wasn't as privileged as they were.
Yuppie-Spawn: "So what does your dad do for a living?".
Peter: "He is a truck-driver".
Yuppie-Spawn: "Oh? So when is he getting his five-cent
pay rise?".
Yuppie-Spawn's friends smirk and then they walk away.

Yuppie-Spawn disrespected Peter's dad to maintain his cunt factor in front of his poo-pals. So he can look like the apprentice wanker he is, and because his wanker Daddy teaches him to be "competitive" by tearing other people down,instead of achieving anything via his own merit.
by workingclassredneck December 13, 2007
To have a level of aggressiveness, nastiness, shiftiness or lack of empathy in a person. Australian term.
To have cunt in one

E.g. A shy introverted person and the ideal Buddhist monk have little or no cunt in them at all. In contrast an aggressive or a back-stabbing person has a lot of cunt in them.
by workingclassredneck December 13, 2007

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