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A party fowl is a bird that can hold its liquor exceptionally well for an animal. Usually a duck or pheasant.
Or, party foul spelled wrong.
guy 1: "MAN, that pheasant is going nutz on that PBR!"
guy 2: "yea, what a party fowl!"
by woogie May 21, 2006
Area code for Cashville, Tennakee. fulla killaz n dolla billaz.
guy 1: "im headed down to the 615 for a little party time..."
guy 2: "shit man, can i come? cashville'z dope as hellz."
by woogie May 21, 2006
Shortened term for the hip-hop group Three 6 Mafia. Used to sound cool in certain situations.
guy 1: hey, pop on some three 6 and lets rock this bitch!
guy 2: ayyo sure thang!
by woogie April 10, 2006
Some one who will do anything for crack, including sucking dick and steling cheesburgers then tring to sell them.
Look at that rock head sucking dick for a dollar.
by woogie May 27, 2003
the dirtiest cigarette mainly used by construction workers.
Look at that dirty homeless guy smoking usa gold 100's lets go pee on him.
by woogie May 27, 2003
the act of ejaculating
I splooched all over the bitches face. It got in her eye and she started to cry.
by woogie May 22, 2003
Dirt vodka made in somerville, Ma if u drink it u live in a box.
Look at that hobo he is drinking a nip of rubinoff. Lets go pee on him.
by woogie May 22, 2003

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