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Mad, pissed, upset or irritated
Boy1: What's wrong ?
Boy2: I'm stingin cause my girlfriend be trippin.
by dflvhldskjnfASLDKCNASDOIVCHALR November 20, 2010
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Derived in Sydney, Used to describe a person when they display a strong feeling or desire for something. It can be used to describe an action, state of being, or sign. Typically in description of female dispositions indicating that they want to have sex, or are more eager to engage than most.
"That girl over there has tattoo on her lower back"

-"yeah she's stingin' for it"
by pksmash July 14, 2011
Banter used when something someone does or something you see catches your eye and blows you away.
Craig: (Fires out ragin harmonised, double finger tapping, sweep guitar solo)

Andrew: Holy shit man that was stingin'


(Andrew watches trailer for Watchmen)
Jesus christ that film looks stingin'.

by afroguy10 February 25, 2009

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