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21 definitions by woo

finest biznatch in town!
man i wish i was a gettin with a wynne
by woo November 09, 2003
87 34
a very passionate: of course; will do; yes sir; damn straight; very well; absolutely
jane: jim are you ready to make love to m?
jim: absomotherfuckinglutely!
by woo January 14, 2004
32 3
When a bitch be givin' you head while you sleep!
I passed out drunk, when I woke up I was gettin Zum!
by Woo January 19, 2005
43 15
Wooism n. Proper () The actions or processes of; and the distinctive or characteristic traits of behavior, of the person formerly known as Chris, now known as "Woo".
Woo is the founder of Wooism.

He practices Wooism.

Wooism Dot Com.
by Woo September 27, 2004
29 12
slang term for marijuana
Hey man, come out to my car and let's listen to these cd's.

Dude, bring over some cd's tonight and we'll sit around a while.
by Woo July 25, 2003
21 12
common street name for gonorrhea
man i got the flamin' G daddy from that bitch down the street
by woo November 09, 2003
10 3
A scouse piss head that loves ladies
That guy from the pub was being such a hij, well played
by woo November 01, 2004
7 3