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a way to describe a very hot woman.
that chick is so hot, she is shabanging
by WIZ February 17, 2005
=BGOAT= is a THPS/THUG online Gaming clan. We find glitches in the game and it stands for the Best Glitchers Of All Time. www.bgoat.com
=BGOAT= are the Best Glitchers Of All Time. They ROOK!!!
by wiz October 23, 2004
a type of fruit that slaves pick on plantations
yo ma brotha that is one big ass nigga melon.

bro pass the nigga melon
by WIZ February 17, 2005
ugly as hell female.
dam son look at that busted chick, she fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down
by WIZ February 17, 2005
saying used after being threatened. to call out to a fight
jon: fuck u bitch
wiz: see me then
by WIZ February 17, 2005
a nonsense word; used mainly as a negative term
gliff tard
i gliffed your mom
you gliffing spoon
by Wiz April 22, 2005
Acronym representing Network User Address
The NUA of the device is xxx.
by Wiz March 09, 2004

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