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In the software development industry, a death march is a dysphemism or description for the end phase of a project when a hard deadline has to be met, often to meet an arbitrary ship date leaked to the press and/or the shareholders. Often if a project is off schedule due to mismanagement (as many are), said management will ask team members to work especially grueling hours, weekends (sometimes with a straight face), or by attempting to "throw (enough) bodies at the problem" with varying results, often causing burnout. It is also common for a developer to subsist on flat food while in the midst of a death march.
Bill Gates: The world wants and our shareholders need Vista by Christmas!
Steve Ballmer: We have had our developers on a perma death march for the last three years to ship it and need a few more monthes.
Bill Gates: Just drop development of all the useful features and leave the annoying ones!
by winston smith the III December 12, 2007
Flat food is any food item that comes out of a vending machine and can be slid under a door. Flat food is often used by management to subsist software developers slaving long hours to meet a deadline (death march).
I just fed Bob some flat food so that should keep him coding at least another four hours.
by winston smith the III September 28, 2007

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