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A word used to describe or verbally attack a person that is found daft by the surrounding populus. similar to the word 'boob'. see dumbass
john is such a milk tit

Oi! milk tit! bring me a couple beers!
by winpie January 26, 2008
To fling something or somebody small with whipping action towards the ground. Can be implemented against small animals, dolls, CDs, etc. Usually causing considerable amounts of damage. i.e. breaking every bone in body, severly comprimising structurual form, etc. Can also be used as an exclamation such as dammit or shit. Could also be seen as simply hurling somthing towards the ground.
Concrip it!

Concrip you to hell!

My dad concripped my phone and now it doesn't work.

My brother concripped my hamster.

Gollum was grabbed by the ankle by an Ent and concripped.

I fell out of a plane and concripped myself.
by winpie January 27, 2008
to kick your spit at a target, most often at another person. Can also be used with gum or other food/chewing product.
Dude, James worlipsed his gum into my hair, i dislike him now
by Winpie January 26, 2008
Used to describe a crappy invention. Usually made by a high school student or an overzealous college grad. Useless in many ways.
Man look at that "butter blaster" that chuck made at the science fair!

The rubik's cube is far from being a butter blaster

Who the hell came up with THIS butter blaster?
by winpie January 26, 2008
Powerful word that can instantly shoot down an entire conversation.
Guy 1: Hey dude I have this thing with karen, what should I do?

Guy 2: No

Jim: It probably makes a sorta "pit-pat" sound

Will: what are you talking about? It's silent.

Jim: But if it HAD to make a sound.

Will: No
by winpie February 03, 2008

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