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granorexia is when first time grandmothers freak out about being a "grandma" so they totally overhaul themselves to look hot by spray tanning, buying super young trash clothes and losing tons of weight. when these ladies lose too much weight trying to achieve their new look, they could be suffering from "granorexia".
"every since the baby was born, betty looks like she's trying to look friggin 18...plus she has gotten soooooooooooooo thin!"

"hmmmmm......smells like granorexia to me. wonder if the folks at INTERVENTION would be interested in this!"
by winks September 22, 2006
named after Emmitt Kelly-the sad clown. When someone does something so nice for you or for another, that it makes you kind of wanna throw up.
person 1: "Oh my god, my blind grandma sewed me a sweater in my college colors and called to ask if I wore it to the homecoming game."

person 2: "oh wow, what an emmitt".
by winks September 22, 2006

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