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A winking smiley face with a nose, used in IM's, games, emails, etc.
Person B: Thanks ;-)
by windrunner023 August 28, 2006
A winking smiley face, usually used in IMs and online games, etc. Also known as ^_-
Person A: Thanks!
Person B: My pleasure ^.-
by windrunner023 August 24, 2006
A winking smiley face with a pointy nose. Used in IMs/games, etc.
Person A: Thanks for helping me!
Person B: No problem ;^)
by windrunner023 August 28, 2006
A crying face. The ; is the eyes which are crying, the ............ are the tears, and the ( is the sad face. Kind of like a really sad face... Used in IMs, Games, etc.
Sally: Bob, we're breaking up.
Bob: ;..........( Nooooooo!!!
by windrunner023 September 03, 2006
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