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A person, usually female, who loves penis so much, they can not go for long periods of time without sucking one or fucking one. A tell tale sign is that the said person will have gradually increasing convulsions until they have had a penis interaction.
We totally thought Shawnquita was epileptic. Turns out she is just a cock mongrol.
by willyboy1988 July 07, 2010
Small, extremely sensitive, boobies.
I hooked up with this girl the other night, and every time I touched her breasts, she would shriek. That was my first case of dealing with emo titties.
by willyboy1988 November 02, 2010

A pack of ravenous females that grab ahold of you, and your penis, the minute you walk into a strip club. Most of the time they will take you directly to the VIP section, which is usually the couch with the least amount of semen on it. They will then proceed to take all of your money out of your wallet and hand you your own credit card saying "If you get $80 out of the ATM, i'll suck your dick...".

Stripper wolves can often be found perusing the innards of Babe's, a New Orleans strip club located on Bourbon Street whose name does not reflect the content within its walls.
Dave, Mike, and Quinn walked into a strip club. They were immediately bombarded by Stripper Wolves who stripped them of their cash and dignity. Except for Quinn.
by willyboy1988 June 13, 2011
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