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2 definitions by willisdabiker

The act of arriving at the skate park with a serious countenance, acknowledging no one, and then preceding to stylishly and quite purposefully land every trick and nail every line.
The mood was light and breezy, that is, until that ripper arrived with all that shreditude.
by willisdabiker May 14, 2010
Commonly mistaken for Texan slang. Though its origins are in Texas, a couple of lovebirds from VA accidentally created this term. "Papa John's Key" was misinterpreted into "Pajanski" and is now used to describe things that are getting "a little out of control."
Its 2:00AM - Drew Reigns switches music genres, the whole house is now vibing to HARDCORE

*Drew Reigns does a little dance* (Dude does not fit the genre)

"Mr. Reigns is getting a little PAJANSKI."
by willisdabiker January 04, 2012