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dancing seductively against a wall or solid object with two arms planted each side and legs spread apart, usually whilst throwing your hair about wildly with enthusiastic hip thrusts. This is fast becoming a dancing phenomenon in pubs and hotels across the east coast of australia.
" I just therese wilsoned the wall"
#therese #wilson #dancing #walls #thrusting
by wilfred partridge September 26, 2011
A person who sends excessive and innapropriate text messages and voicemails, usually whilst intoxicated and often resulting in ruptured or failed relationships particulary those directed at females.
" hows it going with that girl you met?"
" its over, i got drunk on the weekend and pulled a justin"
"ohhh no..."
#justin #drinking #text messages #innappropriate #females
by wilfred partridge September 26, 2011
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