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"Omni" means "All" in Greek; "Glot" means "Having as tongue", also in Greek.
The receptionist at the United Nations must be an omniglot.
by wildwoman2 November 13, 2009
Southern slang for a person who goes out in public with a scarf or rag tied around or over their head. Since the average person would fix their hair before going outdoors, the term would be used to denote laziness and unkempt appearance.
Donald is such a raghead; he won't even 'air' his braids.

Delores is a total raghead; I've never seen the girl's hair.
by wildwoman2 November 22, 2009
To stab with a stabbing instrument, like a knife, or sharp weapon.
Conan the Barbarian was juking some dude with his sword---no pity, man!
by wildwoman2 June 27, 2009

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