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Colleen is the most amazing you'll ever meet in your life, and she's also lovingly adorable. She's there by your side, day and night, rain or shine, or even if you have the worst days of your life. She's there, no matter what. She's smart, she's random, she's interesting, she's just overall amazing in every corner, and every segment of her personality. She's also very smart, and can't be fooled. She's nice, and tries her best at anything, even if it's possible or not. She's one in infinity, not even the most prettiest/smartest/amazing girl in the world can compare Colleen, because she's a billion times better than them. She loves to cuddle, and once you cuddle with her, you'll never want to let go, because she's the best thing that will ever happen in your life. Every time you walk into a crowded room with a Colleen, you can't help but smile that each person would be staring at you with great jealousy. Once you lose a Colleen, you better pray and hope everyday that you'll see her, and be with her. Just a glimpse of a Colleen can leave you breathless.
Colleen, without you, my whole heart would shatter in a million pieces. I'd take you back in a heart beat, even if putting my whole heart together piece by piece.
by whitecords August 07, 2009

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