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The state of waking up after a long night's essay writing to find out that none of the previous nights work makes any sense because you were so tired when you wrote it.
*Man wakes up and goes straight to the computer*

Man: "Oh man! What on earth did I write last night? How does that even make sense to anyone ever?"

*Later at uni, man is sitting in front of computer, friend walks up*

Friend: "Dude, you've been sitting there fixing your essay for ages! Have you got an essay hangover or something?"
Man: "Yeah man, it's chronic!"
by wheresmyspacebar? April 28, 2009
Someone who becomes friends with a person, adds them on Facebook, then decides that the friendship can be maintained entirely on Facebook. They do not bother to organize to meet up with this person, sometimes they might not even acknowledge them when they walk past them in the street. Furthermore, they appear on Facebook to be great friends because they write on each others walls.
Person A:"I have 629 Facebook friends!"
Person B: "Wow, you must be getting constantly stopped in the street and chatted to."
Person A: "Meh, not really."
Person B: "You Faceslacker!"
Person C: "You're a cyberwhore. Haha, POKE!"
by wheresmyspacebar? September 11, 2008
When an individual finds it necessary to run up every set of stairs they come across regardless of whether they are in a hurry or not.
"Ever since I've moved downstairs I've had stairundiction."

"The elderly couple were blocking me and my stairundiction was driving me crazy!"
by wheresmyspacebar? September 09, 2008
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