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Aubrey (AW-bree) -- Old French; a name meaning "ruler", or more specifically, "ruler or the elves;" strong; noble
(this is only the name used with females)
-- a girl with a great smile and a sense of humor
-- cute frame : little bust, tight butt, little waist, yet hot
-- pretty face
-- brunette Aubreys (most common) are bubbly, while blonde Aubreys are shy until u get to know them, (at that point they are hyper)
-- are very rational, and mature

-- easily irritated
-- have a no-s**t policy
-- are very confidant
-- most of the time have trouble with their emotions... can be depressed. They worry too much and look out for others more than they do themself, which can lead to personal issues.
-- are attracted to tall, athletic, (soccer or baseball) sweet boys
"That Aubrey's real cute... and mysterious."
"Damn that Aubrey girl is HOT!"
"She's a real friend, you know? Aubrey's always looking out for me and giving me advice."
by whatsthename April 19, 2010
what u say when...
1. u have nothing to say
2. u have too much to say
3. u are offended

4. u offended someone or
5. are recognizing that someone said something but don't feel like saying anything else.
**usually goes along w/ the ASL American Sign Language sign for the letter "o".
"How was the game?" "We lost" "O"
"I hate blonde hair... no offense blonde girl." "O"
"I hate people of that race." "Im of that race" "O"
"...so that was my dream..." "O"
by whatsthename April 20, 2010
When two people of the opposite sex have the same name, or different versions of the same name, date.

Contrary to popular beliefe, people in a "Same-Name Relationship" usually are not desparate, they just really like the other person, regardless of their name.

People in a "Same-Name Relationship" are honest, loving, optimistic, (sometimes too much so,) and look for more in a person than looks or social-status.
Aubrey and her boyfriend Aubrey are so cute together!

Yeah, but her name is so unique, I never thought she'd ever be in a Same-Name Relationship!

Other examples include: Daniel & Danielle, Alex and Alex, Jessie and Jesse, Andrienne and Adrian, Sam and Sam, etc.
by whatsthename July 24, 2011

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