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Literal meaning:
v. (ri taard’) to slow down; delay process of

Slang meaning:
n. (ree’ tard) 1. a) a derogatory term for a stupid person or a person who does something stupid b) term used to call someone when he/she does something stupid, not really meant to be offensive 2. a very offensive term used to call someone with a learning disability; inoffensively described as mentally retarded, mentally challenged, mentally disabled, special, and special ed. (education); also called mental which is derogatory.
Literal meaning:
in music, retard (ritardando, rit.) means to slow down the tempo.

Slang meaning:
1. a)
prep 1: look at Chris over there acting like a total goof
prep 2: yeah, what a retard

1. b)
John: dude, yesterday I was trying to turn the TV on and it took me 5 minutes to realize I was using the wrong remote!
Max: haha! you retard

Bob: hi stacy. did you watch Sesame Street last night?
Stacy: oh, yeah. it was... it was okay.
Bob: yeah, it was funny when elmo when to France
Stacy: huh, yeah
Bob: but then he dropped his fish bowl, I feel sorry for his fish
Stacy: oh yeah. well I'll see you later
Bob: bye stacy.
Adam: Stacy, why do you talk to Bob, he's a retard.
(^this guy is obviously a total bitch)
by whatserface November 17, 2007
what happens here, stays here.
accident: what happened in Vegas?
guy: you happened in Vages
guy: no, seriously. your mom had sex with your dad, and you happened
guy: and then they left you in Vegas
guy: you know what they say, 'what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.'
by whatserface April 26, 2007
sort of like a blog on a forum, except where a blog is more about the person who wrote it, a thread is more open to discussion on a topic.
This thread is in the wrong forum.
by whatserface December 17, 2008
A wireless cell phone company that claims to be "America's most reliable". They have terrible commercials, I mean, who wants 1000 people following them everywhere?
Can you hear me now? Good.

by whatserface March 09, 2008
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