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1. the wrong way to spell masturbate
2. the best brand of bait, just like Master Lock...not really
guy1: I masterbait when i'm bored
guy2: what a noob

2. this doesn't exist
by whatserface June 23, 2007
to do something poorly, usually regarding some sort of physical activity; bomb it
I'm gonna lay an egg during our mile run today.
by whatserface December 17, 2008
to do crap at something.
girl: ready for that physics test today?
guy: nah, I'm gonna bomb it.
by whatserface December 05, 2008
A song originally written by Don Henley (former lead singer of The Eagles) in 1984, lead track and first single of the album Building the Perfect Beast. Remade by The Ataris in 2003 from their album So Long, Astoria. The song is about a summer love and remembering it. May also be about growing up; from youth to adulthood.

The Ataris made a few very slight modifications to the song. Their version has a faster beat and they changed the lyric "Out on the road today I saw a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac" to "...Black Flag sticker..." which refers to a another band.
"I can tell you my love for you will still be strong, after the boys of summer have gone" -Don Henley, The Boys of Summer

no opinions in this definition. listen to the songs and decide for yourself whether or not they're good.
by whatserface November 17, 2007
1. short for identification (capitalized)
2. short for "i don't" followed by one or two other words (i.e. i don't know, i don't care, etc.)
most common:

most common w/ an extra word added:

less common:
by whatserface July 01, 2007
what most of the world calls football
Tyler: Hey man, do you play soccer?
Taylor: Yeah dude, it's awesome. It takes a lot of skill and practice and it keeps you in good shape.
by whatserface December 22, 2007
'seriously' spelled without the vowels.
used by lazy people on the internet.
iNtErNeTmAnIaC1: dis site is teh BOMBZORS!!!
InTeRnEtMaNiAc2: SRSLY dude!
by whatserface November 30, 2007

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