6 definitions by whats cooler than cool? ice cold mother fucker

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2 scoops ice cream
one scoop dead baby
add bevrage of choice
mmm taste of baby so creamy and fresh out the whomb
male based porn related religon

every straight male practices atleast once a day as prayer
edge meets the leaders of jizlam for mutual prayer ((nut loving cum guzzling fun))
splooge all over the face nose or mamms
whats on your daughters face as we speak
a senate and cognative being that resambles the burning sensation found on the croches of people at pernell sweat
any lumbee women with a radoicative croch
black man with no sense of sexuality

user of terms like ha ya want it up the ass and mummble mummble mother fucker
long ass bogger
recap nigger
any one native with (( the syfaliss)
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