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Be lucky you know a hannah
Hannah. Be grateful you know a hannah. A really loveing person but hates being upset and letdown. She is gorgoues and pretty but no matter how many times it said to her, she will deniy it. Her friends love her, mostly for her personality. Comes out with the stupid things at times but when she knows whats important, her brainy side is exposed. Hannah's tend to be a really friendly person and so easy to get along with. Hannah's are known to be histerical people who with laugh at anything. Always up for a laugh. Her memories are mostly with people called Claire or Lucy, and will always have that one special guy bestfriend. Hannah's are loud, but in a good way but really everyone loves her for her ways. She is small, cute, pretty, skinny but thinks shes fat, loud, happy, sad at times with letting things get to her.
Hannah's are mostly single not because their ugly because dont want to take that step just yet because they are to scared or just want the right guy, but we all know that Hannah's have that one special guy in mind she could't stop liking.

Be happy you know a Hannah, and never ever let her go.
by Whatislife March 30, 2012
To 'tap' or 'get' with a girl.
"Let me merc it" AKA Dizzee Rascal 'Dance Wiv Me'
by whatislife September 09, 2008

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