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someone who runs as a candidate for the sole purpose of cutting taxes/keeping them low
W ran for president as a Republican because he thought taxes were too high on the wealthy.
by whatever5551 July 26, 2011
the name republicans give to their opinions
by whatever5551 July 27, 2011
-almost always white males ages 13-19
-usually have long hair
-will greet you with a dumbass secret handshake
-play a sport and think they are cool because of it
-usually suck ass at the sport
-love to act like they are black
lax bros are douche bags
by whatever5551 July 21, 2011
the sport equivalent of racist or sexist
1. "Go away. This table is only for hockey players." "Why do you have to be so sportist?"

2. "That sounds like something a soccer player would do." "Don't be sportist."
by whatever5551 April 25, 2008

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