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1. A name that's made up of all vowevs vowels
2. A way of greeting someone (like ai yo!)
aioue, Aioue!
the shitdamned asshole wont comply...
by whatdodialtogetoutofthematrix January 21, 2004
not on wack - a sane individual
u now, i aint
by whatdodialtogetoutofthematrix January 21, 2004
Yeah this is my other so-called acount where i messed up coz the name is too long
see whatdoyoudialtogetoutofthematrix
If u don't copy and paste, you mess up like me and you'll get whatdodialtogetoutofthematrix
by whatdodialtogetoutofthematrix January 22, 2004
Group of genetically engineered same funky color sheep or the like.
(I'm tired of feeling sad for those preps so I actually like 'em now as a form of entertainment when I'm bored.)
Several of my sync prep friends
Are all about the shoe types and their brands
With hundred for a pair they can't live
It isn't too expensive
On what u touch the dirty ground with
U really gotta spend sh*t.
by whatdodialtogetoutofthematrix March 30, 2005
A c@@l ass (uh-oh oreo) insult make-fun rap song by d12.
Parody of hit em up by tupac shakur.
All dose hoo aint herd hit em up iii, I hit em up lak wankstaz!!
by whatdodialtogetoutofthematrix January 21, 2004
see ripping
Also, - a dead racist ass wanker who got shot cause of being racist
Looks at that rips, servz im rite
by whatdodialtogetoutofthematrix January 21, 2004
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