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Abbreviation for College Robot. A college robot displays the following characteristics:

1) Commits all of his/her time to school, studying, home work, volunteering, and extra curricular activities.
2) Holds an excess amount of board positions, and tries to get involved in everything possible that will look impressive to colleges.
3) Has a 4.8 GPA and has never gotten a B.
4) Will probably get to Harvard or any other ivy league, but always tells people that he/she won't.
5) Tends to have all nighters every day. C-Bots tend to become nocturnal like an owl.
Adrian is such a c-bot, he never gets any sleeps, and sleeps during the day time. He also holds 7 board positions and has a high GPA.

That guy is such a c-bot, he always says he won't get into Harvard, but he obviously will.
by whataballer October 12, 2009

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