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A person that practices one-upmanship and name-dropping. This person is compelled to elevate their status by trumping the experiences of others with their own supposedly personal stories that are usually more intense, on a grander scale or connected to a famous person or event. These persons expect others to believe their stories regardless of how far-fetched or improbable.
You: "I have some old Nirvana vinyl records in my collection."

Braggot: "I saw Nirvana and even hung out with Kurt Cobain. It was awesome."

You: "But you were born in 1992 and Cobain died in 1994."

Braggot: "Yeah, I was really young but my mom's boyfriend took me to the show and he had backstage passes because he was tight with Kurt. I remember all kinds of stuff from when I was only 2 years old."
by Weedtarded January 19, 2009
A logging term known to have been in use in the United States from at least the early 1800's. If one had some very large logs to dispose of that were too large to chop, one would "nigger" them up into logging length by cutting a few notches on top of the log, at proper distances apart, and then build a fire on the log, lay a few poles across the log, and let them burn. One would then go around once or twice a day and stoke the "niggers" by knocking off the coals and laying more poles across the log. In three or four days the logs would be burn through or be "niggered off."
We decided to nigger the logs rather than wasting valuable time sectioning the fallen trees with axes.
by weedtarded March 30, 2009
Downsizing a company's workforce to the point of crippling the business by not retaining enough workers with the knowledge and skills to keep the company operating efficiently and profitably.
The recent dumbsizing of our workforce seems to have backfired as we've had to outsource work to ex-employees at higher fees than than the wages they made before we fired them.
by weedtarded February 20, 2009
A temporary but profoundly altered state of consciousness achieved through the ingestion of special medicinal herbs.
What a rough day. Time to get weedtarded and chill out.
by Weedtarded February 13, 2009
To take a break from the rigors and stress of life while enjoying the healing and rejuvenating properties of special medicinal herbs.
I'm so stressed my teeth are going to shatter. Time to weedtire for the day and chill out.
by Weedtarded February 13, 2009
A vacation from the rigors and stress of life while enjoying the healing properties of special medicinal herbs.
What a monster of a week. I'll be weedtired this weekend so bring plenty of snacks if you knock on my door.
by Weedtarded February 13, 2009
One who has achieved a temporary, but profound state of altered consciousness by ingesting special medicinal herbs.
Oh man, thanks for the buzz. My head is parked at weedtard and I'm stress free.
by Weedtarded February 13, 2009
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