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it's a torture device shaped like a person and has spikes in it. The victim stands inside it and the spikes impale the person causing him/her to die slowly.
the Iron Maiden is so very gruesome
by wecl0me12 August 23, 2009
the day the internet crashed - twitter and wikipedia crashes and many other websites were very slow. Google thought they were under attack because of the extremely high amount of traffic.
other guy: no, twitter NEVER crashes
me: then what happened on June 25 2009?
other guy: umm....
by wecl0me12 October 22, 2009
an explosion in 1917 that was caused by 2 ships colliding.
The Halifax Explosion killed thousands of people and injured more.
by wecl0me12 September 19, 2009
as well as a number, it's also a scare tactic used by people to make money.

They scare you into thinking the world will end, then make you pay money to get information on surviving

me (thinking): another victim? this is crazy
by wecl0me12 April 25, 2010
an explosive. usually used in war or terrorism.
it explodes and damages other things around it.
That guy dropped a bomb! RUN!!!!!!
by wecl0me12 March 28, 2010
a metal that has a melting point of 1337 kelvin
gold is 1337!
by wecl0me12 October 21, 2009
High temperature, you can measure it using a thermometer. If the thermometer bursts then it's hot.

Hot thing should usually be avoided because you can get burned by it.
The stove is hot so you should avoid it.
by wecl0me12 December 09, 2009
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