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An angry male who is constantly spewing negative tirades and going off on tangents about things that bother him.
They wanted a quiet evening out with friends at the bar, but they got cornered by Sir Rantsalot who started complaining about his boss.
by webtelly September 19, 2013
The combination of being stalked and targeted.
The debut author received many poor reviews from jealous friends and old enemies. Therefore, she felt as if she had been stargeted.
by webtelly September 19, 2013
The relaxing bowel movement that you take while sipping your favorite cold beer in the bathroom. It can be accompanied by that novel or magazine you keep in the spare drawer under the sink closest to the toilet.
"I polished off the end of Michael Crichton's last novel while taking a deliciously long beer poo."
by webtelly December 23, 2011

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