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An act of bargaining that transcends color or race. Typically, this is done at fast food restaurant chains where one individual will attempt to get something extra at no expense. Sometimes it is used as a tool to impress one's date with supposed foraging abilities.
Always utilized at everyone else's expense, to include the poor schmuck behind the counter who will undoubtly spit in the food.
**Made famous by Chris Rock's character in "Gonna Get You Sucka".**
Man in line- "What the hell is he doing"?
Woman in line- "He trying to tell the guy that he wants the fries from the number 1, and the sandwich from the number 4".
Man in line- "Hey, stop trying to niggotiate and order your fucking food"!
by weatherbeatenghettobooty May 04, 2008
A woman who is usually considered fugly, morbidly obese, and or, just plain sinful to gaze upon who becomes beautiful once she lands at Guantanamo Bay Cuba.
The poor military men who are stuck on the base will seek out these trolls, blinded by lust. The poor schmucks just don't see them for who they truly are.
These "females" upon finding that they can get any guy that they want, start a journey of sorts or "Cock Quest".
Some Guantanahoes Iraq Princess will even try to use sex to their advantage to gain favors and promotion.
Magically, these sad little monsters quietly turn back into the hideous beasts that they are on the plane ride home after their tour.
Sailor 1: Dude check her out!
Sailor 2: Nasty!
Sailor 1: She is so hot!
Sailor 2: Dude, you need to go on leave. She's a filthy Guantanaho!
Sailor 1: I just got off of leave....
by Weatherbeatenghettobooty May 07, 2008
The Ugly Fairy is the “Great Equalizer” in the game of military deployments. The Ugly Fairy is always there to meet all of the Iraq Cinderellas, Iraq Princesses, Guantanahoes and every other CHUD, Troll, Chupacabre and Ogre posing as gorgeous women.
You will find the Ugly Fairy on the return flight or even on the ferry to Leeward smacking those bitches across the chops with her Ugly Stick. Some especially evil transgressors are sometimes smacked multiple times. Once this has happened, there is justice and universal balance is restored.
Army Dude 1: Hey, get a look at that!
Army Dude 2: What happened? Five minutes ago she was so beautiful.
Army Dude 1: Yeah right… Looks like the Ugly Fairy smacked that bitch.
Army Dude 2: Like about fifty times……
by weatherbeatenghettobooty May 14, 2008

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