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Schools have always had the top student give a speech to the graduating class and this person is called a valedictorian. Schools are now allowing multiple students with top grades to address the graduating class- these people are polydictorians (i.e one school with 175 graduates had 14 valedictorians)
Fred was dissapointed when he was moved to position of polydictorian rather than valedictorian when 12 other classmates attained the same grade point average that he had.
by weasel990 May 22, 2009
Politician or a miscreant ideologue that believes excessive regulation and taxation will not cause a sluggish or stagnant economy.
Our economy is weak today because of the constipationalist philosophy in Washington.
by weasel990 June 22, 2013
When you wipe your ass but you miss some of it the leftovers are called "hershey remnants.
I wiped my ass in a hurry and left some hershey remnants which resulted in skid marks in my underwhere.
by weasel990 July 11, 2010
dumb ass white guy
My caucasian friend Waldo often rants and raves about the dumbest things. Its at this point I refer to him as a DAWG.
by weasel990 July 27, 2009
PMF- is short for post meal farting.
After a meal my intestinal tract gets wound up and I begin passing gas which I refer to as PMF.
by weasel990 October 06, 2010

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