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12 definitions by weasel990

This syndrome causes a large posterior by eating fast food burgers every day
Irma developed ass burgers syndrome after eating at McDonald's every day for a year.
by weasel990 March 24, 2010
"that point in time when you suddenly know the answer to a problem that has been perplexing you for some time"
My business was in trouble when all of a sudden I had a Dr. House moment and I saw an end to my problems.
by weasel990 January 25, 2010
A person who loves old barns.
A group of barnisseurs toured the Iowa countryside to photograph old barns.
by weasel990 October 06, 2010
A condition in older dogs where they get real grumpy and and get aggravated easily.
My old dog who has continuous arthritic pain is always grumpy and suffers from irritable bow-wow syndrome.
by weasel990 July 11, 2010
One who is fluent in pig latin
Fred watched the 3 stooges and when he heard them speak pig latin he was so impressed that he practiced and practiced until he became piglingual.
by weasel990 July 31, 2009
A perfect figure on a woman would be something like 36-24-36. The word callipygian is a female with nice rounded buttocks. Such a person would have measurements similar to those stated above. An uber-callipygian woman would have measurements like 34-24-40. An uber-callipygian woman would be quite dominant with her rounded buttocks.
Jeniffer Lopez is uber-callipygian
by weasel990 January 22, 2010
Love of puddles
My dog, cosmo, who suffers from puddlephelia, is ecstatic after a big rain.
by weasel990 July 11, 2009