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jamaican word for "fag"
I'za hittin dis blunt when dis young bati mon walk by with his legs crossed and a pain in his bottom
by wayne February 16, 2005
One who derives pleasure from being held down or placed in bondage and mercilessly tickle-tortured.
The ticklee screamed so loud, I thought the roof would collapse.
by Wayne December 22, 2004
WTF, he has the best musical guests. FOOL!
the strokes? white stripes? weekly acts? HMM?
by Wayne December 03, 2003
1. When you get knifed in the ass in Counterstrike and die and your opponents take your $5000 AWP and your deagle and you feel like a retard and even the computer says "HUMILIATION."

2. When you go on a blind date across the Internet and then meet some girl online and decide to meet at a bar. When you go there you find out that its your mom.

3. When you date a transexual schmang and you find out she has a bigger wang then you.

See synonyms PWNED
1. Wayne HEADSHOT W/ KNIFE on Computer Nerd. HUMILIATION.

2. Nerd 1: Yo sup hot mama lets meet at McDonald's.
Nerd 1's Mom: Okay
After they meet...
Nerd 1: WTF MOM!!!

3. Guy w/ Inchworm: Sup let's go to my place?
Girl w/ Anaconda: Aight.
Guy w/ Inchworm: Holy fux dude your wang is so big u must have back spasms.
Peter Griffin: HUMILIATION

by Wayne January 01, 2006
Abbreviation for World Health Organization.
From QDB:

<Thumb> do you know of any major organizations that are similar the CDC?
<Lucent> who?
<Thumb> center for disease control
<Lucent> i said WHO
<Thumb> what? i'm asking you
<Lucent> World Health Organization
by Wayne July 18, 2005
The best packet of crisps - ever! Available in all shops and should only be purchased in pickled onion flavour - THE ONLY WAY!! =).
Definitely the most popular for us students - because they only cost 10pence a pack :D :D
Student: can I have 100 packets of space raiders please?
Shop keeper: Will you be paying by cash...or cheque?
by wayne December 10, 2003
there is only one true Karny, who resides in Auckland, New Zealand. He is quite possibly the shortest person to have ever walked this earth.

As well as being short in stature, he is also short in temper, among other things
oh man, Karny is soooooo short!

Look! He's having a Karny-fit!
by Wayne October 01, 2003

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