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The last name of French tennis player Amélie, who in 2006 won her first Grand Slams, the Australian Open and Wimbledon. Mauresmo is admired for her athleticism and her groundstrokes, particularly her classic one-handed backhand. In addition, she is among the few remaining serve-and-volleyers , male or female, in tennis.

Mauresmo is also noted for her thoughtful and gentle demeanor, which until about 2005 often made her too vulnerable to pressure and led to speculation that she might never win a major event despite her talent. The fact that her perseverance and optimism have finally paid off is a tribute to her own mental strength and the tutelage of her longtime coach, Loic Courtois. Mauresmo is sometimes compared negatively to the "babe" female tennis players such as Sharapova. These comparisons are often made by men who like to rate women on a numerical scale and who seem to think that their ratings say something about the women instead of about themselves.
Mauresmo used to be considered the best player never to have won a Slam. That was before 2006.
by Dagnat September 09, 2006

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a butch female who could easily pass for a man. term originates from that dyke French tennis player
did you see that Mauresmo? that was disgusting!
by Wayne October 01, 2003
The last name of the half woman half platypus tennis player. She is the posterboy of womans tennis. Shes french so i guess it has to be expected. After all the french women don't shave body hair so shes already a half lesbo right there.
On a scale of one to ten Mauresmo is a .5 and Sharapova is a 9.5. I Think Mauresmo tried to grope her.
by Jeff Zink August 21, 2004