5 definitions by waraw

A method of intoxication involving Nyquil, methamphetamine, and a paper sack over the head.
The party was a real bore until we decided it was time to sacruzal.
by waraw August 24, 2004
To leer at an inebriated woman in a manner causing her to hit you.
This black eye will teach me not to matagape.
by waraw August 24, 2004
to urinate on a turd causing it to dissolve into the toilet water.
I bet Richard ten bucks he couldn't completely froondle the pile I left in there.
by waraw August 24, 2004
A vacation to an overly trendy spot.
Trent and I haven't decided where we're going on our bi-yearly fadigal.
by waraw August 25, 2004
a very droopy pair of breasts.
She used to be stacked, but where once were perky breasts is now just a sad clown.
by waraw August 25, 2004

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