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Music afficionado who wanders the parking lots before and after shows... LOTS of different varieties of these...
the heady lot kid sold me a rightous sack of nugs...
that schwaag lot kid got my dog pregnant and dosed my mom...
by wandering a June 02, 2009
away from a-camp. into the woods/ rainbow gathering.
the drunken a-camper looked at me with menacing eyes and waving a rusty screwdriver saying "Rainbow land's THAT WAY, Bucko-cup"....
by wandering a June 02, 2009
one of them heads that's always on tour following some band or ragin' festies... may live in a van with six other stoners, hustlin' town to town blowin' up the spot on lot at every show...

phed rage lot kid tour
Yo, I was a tour kid for like five years and went to 42 Dead shows...
by wandering a June 02, 2009
1: shitty weed. cheap regular commercial ganja, usually compressed and full of seeds.

2: anything that sucks.

weed ganja herb swag shwag hippies stoners
Yo, I got this schwaag for like ten dollars an ounce, any takers?

That kid's schwaag.

Schwaag, I've stepped in dogshit barefoot again!
Schwaag dog, get out the kitchen!
Schwaag hippie, no doses!!!
by wandering a June 02, 2009
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