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The peace symbol, contrary to popular belief the peace symbol is two aviation flag symbol N and D. the peace symbol was first founded by a cult in 1946 that would promote worldly nuclear disbarment. Joining this cult would entail an extremely harsh beating, burning and sometimes partial drowning. Only after under going the ritual, only then could they wear the sacred symbol, more formally known as the Peace Sign. Also by wearing this symbol, would mean that you were dedicated to world wide disarmament of nuclear and biological weapons indefinitely; in other words you would stand in front of a detonation location; until death or detonation of weapon. This cult is now known as Greenpeace.
do you know what the peace sign means?
well you should look it up.
by walmartsandiego October 05, 2009
The term Jew-You-Down is derived from stingy people who are not Jewish, trying and bargain the prices down. For instance if you are having a grange sale, and someone keeps trying to get you to sell something for less money then you are trying to get for it, it is called Jewing you down.
Friend one: Man I was charging 150 for car racks and this dude kept trying to Jewmedown
Friend two: That’s when I came in their was no way I was going to let him Jewyoudown
by walmartsandiego November 22, 2009

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