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This occurs when you do good/nice things for people and nobody cares or acknowledges what you've done for them much like the relationship between Batman and the City of Gotham.
Tom: So I watched over Joe's house while he was on Va-Ca and when he came back he didn't say thanks then he was pissed because i misplaced his frying pan. what a dick!

Pete: Yeah you've got a real Batman Complex on your hands.

by wallacj3 March 31, 2009
Unpleasant bar scene phenomenon that occurs when one is observing a beautiful woman from a distance. Then her larger than usual friend moves in between the two parties to obstruct ones line of vision resulting in an uncomfortable view of cellulite and a decreased possibility of dialog between the two parties
Tom: "Dude, check out that sweet biscuit over there at the bar"

Pete: "Dude, I can't see anything right now, her fatty friend is causing a cellulite eclipse".
by wallacj3 March 31, 2009
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