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A sexual maneuver in which a person (usually Male) drives to his/her partner's (usually Female) home and parks the car out front. The Male goes inside, leaving the car running, and has a very brief quickiewith her. He leaves promptly after.
(Via cell phone)
"How much time left til you have to go to work, babe?"
"5 minutes"
"I'll be there in three. We'll do The Express Slam"
#express #slam #sex #move #employee discout #dusty armoire
by walkwin December 12, 2008
A sexual maneuver in which a person takes his/her sexual partner to his/her place of employment, fucks him/her vigorously, then takes $50 from the cash register and leaves.
"My girlfriend and I did The Employee Discount last night! We almost got caught, but now I have 50 bucks!"
#dirty #sanchez #sex #employee #discount #rusty #trombone #move #money #job
by Walkwin December 12, 2008
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