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Lelipops is like lolipops, except with lel! Simple! Lelipops is just a word that you say, not a real bevarage. In a way, it means that somethings funny, unusual, lucky or even stupid.
Tom: A tree saved the life of my car
Bob: Lelipops
by wakawakalel December 28, 2010
Lel means "Laughing Extremly Loud". Many people say "LEL sucks! I mean, lel aint a stupid word". Well, it is not a word, it is an abbreviation. It sounds better and feels better than lol. I always say lel means laughing extravaganzly loud, but meh. Anyway, lel just means something is funny. so lel.
Bob: I just made a cake outta pizza
Tom: LEL!!!!!
by wakawakalel December 28, 2010
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