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4 definitions by waffle of waffles

the combination of the words 'possible' and 'immpossible'. It was first coined on the CBS series How I Met Your Mother by Barney Stinson, played by Neil Patrick Harris.
Barney - "Some poeple do what is possible, but I go past the possible."

Interviewer - "You mean the impossible?"

Barney - "No, I do what is possible and impossible combined: the possimpable."
by waffle of waffles February 07, 2009
one of the many fabulous prizes you can win by playing Super Bingo! (The semi-popular youtube video) depicted with a man wearing steak as mittens
You'll win so much money that you'll be able to afford business lobster, lobster grandchildren, and steak mittens!
by waffle of waffles December 07, 2008
v., to steal from or snatch from in a blatent fashion
Hey! That guy just ganked my wallet!
by waffle of waffles December 06, 2008
n. Not to be confused with the prominent "chuckle buster" (referring to a joke told which busts out a great amount of laughes from the audience), this word refers to a joke with limited humor that rustles up only minor chuckles from the audience. Chuckle rustlers are often found in dumb sitcoms that have somehow accumulated extreme fame durring the early 1990's
Huh, Robert is mad at Raymond for being more fortunate than he is. What a Chuckle Rustler.
by waffle of waffles December 06, 2008