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42 definitions by w00fdawg

A type of wide-legged knickers, normally made from silk or satiny material, often trimmed with lace.
During the summer, Woofie found the coolest underthings were french knickers, unless she went commando. She loved a gentle breeze on her beaver.
by w00fdawg October 09, 2005
This phrase means "Cheer up" or "Don't worry, stay happy!" but I understand that it can cause howls of laughter in certain circles, I can't think why!

The pecker in question is probably not a penis, I think it may come from Woody Woodpecker? Or possibly pecker meaning your beak so equating to looking up?
Aarron blushed when his ancient relative exhorted him to "Keep his pecker up!". He didn't realise that she only wanted him to smile.

Gentle UD editor,as you edit those endless emos and chavs, keep your pecker up!

by w00fdawg October 10, 2005
A white male having sex with a black female. Derogatary in content.

This expression is used in the movie "Monster's Ball".
"When I was younger I had a taste for a little nigger juice myself. You ain't a man until you have split dark oak!"
by w00fdawg September 19, 2005
More than one alcoholic drink. Plural of bevy. Word used throughout the UK, but originally more common in the North/Scotland.
I'm going down the boozer tonight to meet my mates and sink a few bevvies!
by w00fdawg September 30, 2005
A fake orgasm, usually brought about by a long period of indifferent pounding and a desperate desire to sleep/eat/clean/do something else.
Please watch the restaurant scene in When Harry Met Sally. Alternatively, link to my cam most weekends.
by w00fdawg August 07, 2005
Not a description of a gay gangbang involving watersports, but a tasty meal, very popular in Wales, consisting of a large meatball (the faggot), served with processed peas (not too mushy!) and topped with a thin gravy. Typically served in a bowl and best enjoyed with a spoon to lap up the tasty juices.

Very tasty fare to enjoy after a rugby game (there are still faggots and peas vendors in larger towns in Wales) but of course faggots and peas are also eaten at home.

Sadly these traditional delights are becoming less common with the preponderance of standardised, homogenised fast food establishments such as McDonalds, Burger King and KFC.
"Hey boyo, I'm starvin' after watching Wales hammer those English bastards in the rugby! Let's have a bowl of faggots and peas and down twenty pints of Felinfoel Double Dragon Bitter!"
by w00fdawg September 19, 2005
This is what people in the UK used to say before the arrival of the ubiquitous "There you go!" from the US. It is what is said by a cashier at the checkout when they return your credit card, by the waiter when they bring a you a meal, etc etc. It doesn't really mean much, it's an acknowledgement more than anything. Sometimes "Here you are!" is substituted for "There you are!".
The waiter eventually arrived with our meals after an interminable wait.

"There you are!" he said brightly.

We left no tip.
by w00fdawg October 15, 2005