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The service of coming a lover in/on the face
Person a: ''Man, I gave Julie a sweet donation last night."
Person b: "Sweet, donations kick ass"
by vulvasker October 13, 2009
a word that in order of reaching world peace must be overlooked and should mainly be replaced by the word "beautifully"
person a - she was prettily dressed
person b - is prettily even a word?
by vulvasker December 02, 2009
a not yet invented device that - unlike ordinary microwave ovens - cools down food or beverages in an instant
Person a: aw, my budweiser isn't cold anymore!

Person b: just put it in the reverse microwave, it'll be cold in a second.

Person a: great thinking! - wait, it isn't invented yet?!

Person b: oh yeah, that's right. Sucks.
by vulvasker November 12, 2009
Short for "masturbation material"
- After getting critically erected in puplic, I realized that Britney Spears' new vid was "masturbation material"


- Online n00b #1: "check out some of the first episodes of baywatch, just click on the link, it's sweet mas mat, dude."

Online n00b #2: 2thx, I'll check after I've finished facebooking"
by vulvasker August 06, 2010
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