10 definitions by vulvahammer

general swelling or inflammation of the labia or "beef curtains" as the kids are calling them these days.
beef curtainitis can be caused by various factors such as:
1. fucking too hard or too frequently
2. allergic reaction
3. getting punted in the poon
paris hilton probably has terminal beef curtainitis as a result of being constantly stuffed on by numerous, random wieners.
by vulvahammer July 08, 2010
one who receives dick in any capacity regardless of gender.
dude 1_"your mom's a filthy dick recipient."
dude 2_"so's your dad." ::laughs::
dude 1_ : (
by vulvahammer July 08, 2010
the "art" or act of attempting to make something out of shit either literally or figuratively.
Dude 1: did you see the new movie that turd sculptor tim burton put out?

Dude 2: yeah...between helena bonham carter and that script he sure had his hands full of shit, huh?

Dude 1: yep.
by vulvahammer May 28, 2010

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