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In which a SERIES Finale doesn't end with a boner-fide conclusion. It leaves holes in the storyline. Usually includes NOTHING good or bad happening to the main character. It just hangs there like a house plant.
The SERIES Finale of "THE SHIELD" was on last night and they didn't conclude what happens to Vic's or Aceveda's characters. They just Soprano'd us again.
#soprano #shield #series #finale #soprano'd
by vsanto November 26, 2008
A word that describes just how bad something smells. It is a cross between sewage and cabbage.
Jack's farts are so repulsive that they smell like sabbage.
#fart #sabbage #garbage #sewage #cabbage
by vsanto November 10, 2008
A cross between sewage and cabbage. A smell worse then warm garbage.
Jack's farts are so repulsive and putrid smelling that we call him sabbage.
#farts #smell #sabbage #cabbage #garbage #sewage
by vsanto November 17, 2008
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