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the act of giving someone a desecrate hand job while in the company of a large group, and to regret it later.
Kristina gave Jeff a wester at her sleepover last Friday
by vpdotcom February 07, 2010
When a female is pleasured by a popsicle being inserted into her vaginaly, replicating intercourse. Can be done with a partner, or in masturbatory means.
Tara asked Jake to buy her some popsicles in the hope that he could powerpop her that evening.
by Vpdotcom July 21, 2009
A bed and breakfast in which gay men stay at to freely participate in homosexual activities.
Stephano is planning to spend his spring break at a Canadian bed and breakfast with his boyfriend.
by Vpdotcom March 28, 2009
An unexpected reception of a sexual act from another person at night, in one's bed.
Shawn thought Sara had gone home, but she returned to give him a bedtime story
by Vpdotcom March 28, 2009

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