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(OH.BAH.MIT): an act or instance of throwing up the contents of the stomach, caused by a general distaste for behavior in Washington.
This new socialized health care idea, totally makes me want to Obomit.
by vpamelectricman September 29, 2009
(Verb.) Getting the bad end of a deal in a trade or bartering type event.

Trading something questionable for something of extreme value.
You traded your new Corvette for a Kia Spectra? That salesman gave you the classic Bergdahl. What interest rate did he hit you with?
by vpamelectricman June 05, 2014
When you bring home a cougar and she
breaks your toilet
Dude did you bang yhat cougar kast night?
yep, after that she totally cougar clogged my toilet. Now I'm waiting on a plumber!
by vpamelectricman July 13, 2010
OFI-(text-abbreviation)- "Oh Fuck It!"
"OFI, I'm going to work"
"OFI, I'm going to kill this bitch"
by vpamelectricman February 16, 2011
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